1 January 2017

At the start of every year people reset their lenses for the year ahead.  A time of reflecting to become a better you.  Where do I need to improve?  What do I need to cut off?  How can I make needed progress this year?  This year I decided to start my year in a time of bible study on self-discipline.  A deeper look into what really brings about the changes that we desperately need in our lives? What characteristics are needed to move forward, especially when life if full of distractions and other really important stuff.  What really makes change happen?

This study was in effort to better use the answers that we receive in the word of God to effect change in my life.  Every year, there has been resolutions that failed.  Vison boards that are pretty, but lose significance.  I needed a real encounter with God for change.

Here’s some things that I have learned during my time with God. 

  1. You need quiet time with God to build the strategies for success.  Jeremiah 18 shows us God is willing and patient to sound an alarm for change.  He will redirect my future, if I will hear him and obey. You are not in this alone.  Your heavenly father knows what you have need of and will partner with you as you transform in the areas in which he is calling.
  2. First we must acknowledge the weakness before we learn to correct – Proverbs 13:1. Where do you need God to reshape and remold your thinking, your actions? 
  3. Model ourselves after our Holy God. Beloved, we look into the attributes of God and take on His nature when we consider change. 
    • He is patient. Often times we are in such a hurry to see the results of our change that we rush the process only to find months later that we are back to our old habits.  We have to learn to with patience make the changes needed in our lives.
    • He has restraint, self-control.  We need this fruit of the spirit in order to make changes in our lives.  God continually does not give us what he deserve – even when it is justified.  How can we not with self-control refrain from doing things that hinder or health, progress or maturity?
  4. We have to plan our race to Win! 


I Corinthians 9:24: “Know ye not that they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth the prize? So run, that ye may obtain”


Yours in Christ,

Sharon Wilson