31 July 2018

Freedom Blog

In the month of July America often celebrates its independence and its freedom from England. People often enjoy delicious food at family gatherings, get up early to watch or participate in local parades, decorate themselves and homes with Red, White and Blue and watch fireworks! Some African Americans celebrate their independence from slavery in America on June 19th also referred to as Juneteenth. Independence and Freedom is a beautiful thing to celebrate.

But physical freedom is not the only type of freedom that we can celebrate. There is also spiritual liberty that we can rejoice about. In 2 Corinthians 3:17 it states, “Now the Lord is the Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” Christ has offered us liberty and freedom through him. There are many things in this world that would want to keep us bound ( ie. bills, family issues, addictions, pride, and etc.) but God has called us to be free.

We have a choice to remain bound or walk in the freedom God has offered us. Here are a few tips to utilize when you are feeling bound:

⁃       Pray- spend time with God communicating what is on your heart and receiving what is on his heart regarding you

⁃       Read the Bible- the word is your weapon that you can use in defeat the enemy and gain control over the thoughts in our mind

⁃       Worship- Worshiping God for who he is reminds us of his greatness and helps us regain our confidence in him. Worshiping him also takes our focus off of the things that wishes to bind us and on the one who can deliver us.

I pray as you have read this article there has been something that has ministered to you and has helped you walk in the true spiritual freedom grant to us by God.

God Bless!!

Ashley Mathews