9 December 2016

My pastor, Dr. Kinsley Fletcher has taught me that everything has ears!  He brought this revelation forward during a teaching series on Faith.  When God created the heavens and the earth it was accomplished by the spoken word. The elements of creation responded to the voice of God.  (Genesis 1) God even tells us if we SPEAK to the mountain and tell it to be cast into the sea and doubt not – it will be.  (Matthew 17:20)  The word of God says if we do not praise the LORD even the rocks will cry out in praise unto God.  (Luke 19:40)  The rocks have ears!  Ears were so important that God gave us two of them, but only one mouth.  Which says to us that our hearing should be twice as our speaking.

Let’s prepare to walk in this revelation this New Year. Let’s take time to hear what God is saying over our lives in this New Year and then Speak what we hear.  Let’s speak into the atmosphere for 2017!  Let’s declare the greatness of our God this year!  Let’s declare the elements of the earth join in unison with Heaven and the people of God to bring God Kingdom forward this year.  Let’s declare that all of creation will display the Glory of our God!